Career - Electrician


Electrician Qualification:
Electrical Certificates I and II (Electrical apprenticeship at TAFE) and 4 years apprenticeship.

Job description:
Ben works for an electrical contractor, doing mostly domestic electrical jobs.

Describe a typical day:
No day is really the same. Sometimes my boss and I work together on projects, sometimes I work alone. I travel to different houses and either fix old problems or wire new fittings in homes.

Did you study maths in years 11 or 12? Why did you choose maths?
I studied general maths in years 11 and 12. I thought I would need it later in life.

Did you study maths as part of your Uni/TAFE course? What kind of maths?
In the apprenticeship, the maths studied was more like year 12 maths methods (parallelograms, etc). The students who had done higher maths in year 12 had the advantage - I had to work harder at learning the maths.

Aspects of your work requiring maths:
Calculating voltage requirements for homes, quoting for jobs - calculating materials, hourly rate, GST and estimating lengths of cable required.

Why do you like your job?
I enjoy meeting different people and getting things working for them.

What aspects of your job (if any!) do you dislike?
Having to get into the roof - sometimes the fibreglass insulation can be itchy!

Do you have any advice for someone considering this career?
Consider completing Maths Methods in year 12 instead of General Maths. And make sure you are paid superannuation from the time your apprenticeship starts!

More about being an electrician:

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