Career - International Exchange Teacher


Exchange Teacher Job description:
Jonathan is the classroom teacher for a year 5/6 composite class.

He is on a year long teacher exchange from London, UK.

A Melbourne teacher is in London teaching in Jonathan's classroom, and Jonathan is teaching in the Melbourne teacher's classroom.

The teachers involved in the exchange live in each other's houses for the year.

Prior to the exchange:
  • Jonathan taught in the UK for 7 years,
  • including shorter stints in India (2 months)
  • and he also taught at an English language school in Spain (4 months)

In order to be eligible for the UK exchange, a teacher must have a minimum of 5 years teaching experience.

For other overseas postings, the requirements are different depending on the type of teaching involved.
Jonathan was successful in applying to the particular countries he was interested in visiting.

So teaching can be your passport to the world!



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