Career - Interior Designer


Janette Qualification:
Diploma of Art - Interior Decoration and Design.

Job description:
Making homes and offices look nice and feel nice. That includes houses, multistorey apartment buildings, show-rooms or restaurants. Janette's job is to pick out the finishes and fixtures which make it a good place to be in. She has her own business, called "Light Touch".

What do you do?
I work with colour, texture, spatial concepts and also the most practical application of materials and fixtures for the project. I also design cabinetry and provide scaled drawings to cabinet makers for kitchens, laundry, entertainment units etc. I even do window furnishings and custom-made soft furnishings - drapes, bed-heads, bedspreads, cushions, throws etc.

Describe a typical day:
A typical day would be seeing clients and going over ideas with them. Then I have to work on the details: drawing up plans, working out quantities for tiles, carpet, wall paper and so on. And of course, I have to charge for my service which means preparing accounts.

Did you study maths in years 11 or 12? Why did you choose maths?
Yes, I did in year 11. I chose it as I felt it could be applied broadly in life.

Did you study maths as part of your Uni/TAFE course? What kind of maths?
Not directly, although many subjects required maths skills - such as drafting and estimating.

What maths do you use at work?
Working out quantities for finishes (carpet, wallpaper etc), designing cabinetry, drawing up plans for interiors and cabinetry, window furnishings measurements, preparing accounts and general book keeping.

Why do you like your job?
It is varied, exciting and I have the opportunity to work with many wonderful new and beautiful products, often before they are common in the market place.

What aspects of your job (if any!) do you dislike?
Because I am working for myself, it is sometimes difficult to know when to call it a day and often my days will extend into the night.

Do you have any advice for someone considering this career?
If you are excited by interiors, have an artistic eye for detail, colour and form, and an interest in trends and directions in interiors, then this may be the job for you! You need to be able to liaise with a number of different professionals such as architects, kitchen manufacturers, soft furnishing suppliers, and feel comfortable making decisions when clients do not provide a definite brief.

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