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Kinetic Education

Kinetic Education is committed to building children's confidence so that they can do well at school and learn to be successful.

Most people think that maths is a tough subject.
But maths can be fun and you can be sure of top marks if you do it correctly!

So it is a great subject to be good at.

Given the right help, learning can be fun and easy. With Kinetic Education, your children can have help at home, throughout their schooling, and develop their study skills to achieve great results.

Learning to learn is a life skill, and Kinetic Education is dedicated to helping young Australians to achieve their full potential.

More about Kinetic Education Maths Wiz and English Wiz interactive computer programs and tutorial support.

AAMT about Kinetic Mathematics Program

"Kinetic Education shows a commitment to building children's confidence in their Maths, and that is something the AAMT sees as very important to any student's progress.

If you think that an on-line program might be good for your child, the Kinetic materials are worth looking at."

Will Morony,
AAMT Executive Officer

Kinetic Kids



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The youcandomaths campaign encourages all young people and their families to appreciate the important role mathematics plays in many careers and everyday life. It is not only useful - mathematics is interesting and enjoyable. Maths is everywhere and is worth studying.

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