Career - Landscape Designer


Landscaper Qualification: Certificate III Horticulture (Holmesglen TAFE)

Job description:
Designing and constructing gardens of all shapes and sizes and materials. Andrew has his own business - Sema Scapes.

How long have you been in your current role?
Including training approx 13 years.

Previous roles?
Tree lopping labourer and 1st year primary teaching at Monash Uni.

Describe a typical day:
Setting out and planning facets of landscape design and then constructing it.

Did you study maths in years 11 or 12? Why did you choose maths?
I studied year 11 maths. It is a great tool for later life and job opportunities.

Did you study maths as part of your Uni/TAFE course? What kind of maths?
Yes, at TAFE - Estimations for quoting material quantities and how to set out levels for landscaping.

Aspects of your work requiring maths:
Calculating square metre and cubic metre volumes for determining cut and fill areas of landscapes. Calculating the amount of landscaping materials (eg crushed rock, paving stones) to be ordered. In quoting for jobs, I use a square metre rate for decking, paving, instant turf and a lineal metre rate for brick edging and irrigation lines.

Why do you like your job?
I like creating on paper then constructing the various landscape needs for my clients.

What aspects of your job (if any!) do you dislike?

Do you have any advice for someone considering this career?
In my experience, most employers only look at people with a year 12 pass and having maths is a great advantage to see on a resume.

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