Maths is Everywhere

Lots of people use maths at work, every day

Everybody is using maths in some way. We went and asked people how maths helps them with their work.
Take a look at what they said: coronary nurse, corporate team-building facilitator, electrician, fashion designer, interior designer, landscaper, microbiologist, mortgage broker, primary school teacher, software developer, surgeon.

ABC Interviews

Science is about understanding and improving the world we live in. The abc interviewed some scientists who each reckon they have the Ace Day Job! Go to the abc science website for careers and much more.

Coronary Care Nurse

I take care of heart patients Coronary Nurse

I calculate medications, intravenous drips and fluids intake and loss... Read more

Corporate Team-Building Facilitator

I help people learn to work as a team and enjoy it. Corporate Team

Subconsciously, I use mathematical skills to make the events of the day fit together... Read more


We had to do Advanced Maths in TAFE Electrician

I have to calculate voltage requirements for homes, and quote for jobs - calculating materials, hourly rates and GST... Read more

Fashion Designer

Size and shape and a price people will want to pay Fashion Designer

Pattern design requires maths and measurement. I have to work out how much fabric and trims I need for the required number of garments... Read more

Interior Designer

I work with colour, texture, spatial concepts Interior Designer

I use maths for drafting my designs - I have to take measurements and draw up plans... Read more


Landscaper I design and construct gardens of all shapes and sizes

I need maths to quote for the job and to order the right quantities... Read more


Microbiologist I am diagnosing and helping unravel the puzzle that leads to the successful treatment of a patient... Read more

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker I get to mix sales with maths.

Each file is like a puzzle, every client's situation is different... Read more

Primary School Teacher

Teacher I teach maths every day

I start the morning teaching reading and writing.
After recess, I teach an hour lesson on maths... Read more

Software Developer

I enjoy the problem solving I do every day.

Software Developer I am using skills learned from maths without even realising - being logical and using deductive reasoning, being thorough and careful... Read more


Surgeon Plastic Surgery Registrar

You need top maths marks to get into uni.... Read more

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