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February 2011

I am a butcher with over 12 years of experience. I can cut a piece of meat up to 50grams close to whatever the client orders. This comes with practice. Still need to understand numbers. Sometimes client asks not "500gm of fillet" but rather "$12 worth of steak". In such cases in my head I convert dollars into grams. - Ben

Who would think that dentists use maths every day! First you need to be able to calculate precisely the amount of each component for the tooth filling, anaesthetic etc. Second you deal with money: revenue from the patients, cost of rent, materials, salaries to nurses and receptionist, professional insurance, re-education etc. At the end of the day dentistry is a business and has to be run in the head first! - Dr. E

December 2010

I use maths in school and in international competitions because I love maths so much! It is my favourite subject in school. I used to hate maths when I was young because I didn't try to understand it all unlike now. Now I do extension maths which is the second hardest and I am the best in my class. So, I use maths all the time because I love it and because I'm hoping to be a doctor in the future. - Huda

I want to be an audio engineer. They deal with electricity and sound. I need to understand well how to calculate electric current, amplification, dB, amps, volts, and watts. It is not easy to understand dBs. I study well and have A+ at maths. - Sam

November 2010

I use maths when I go to my Dad's work and he is cutting up timber. I use maths to work out the measurements of how long to cut it. When I'm out shopping, I use maths to work out how much it's all going to cost and if I' m going to have enough. My message to other kids is never give up if u want a good job. You need maths. - Daniel

April 2010

When I get older I'm going to study how to be a good electrician. It is a good paid job but there is lots of maths in it. Such as measuring the cable that goes into the pipe and using the multimeter to see where the fault is. - Corrie

"When I'm older I want to be a teacher. A teacher involves doing lots of maths because you have to mark the children's work." - Aleesha

"I want to play a maths games because I want to use my mind and I playing maths games very much." - Modi

"I think maths is important. When I grow up, I want to be a vet, a lifeguard, a builder or a mechanic. I love maths so I use it all the time, even when I am surfing." - Scotter

March 2010

"I use math at school and at home because at home I have to cut the pizza into fractions. At school I need to learn math to work and earn money when I'm eighteen and older." - Rene

"I'm a secondary student and I want to go into the army to be a chef or a soldier in the front line. I do maths for fun and I like Euler's formula." - Craig

"I use maths when I go to the shopping centre. I give the ladies the money and they give me change. Sometimes I give them the correct change and I so I don't get any change back." - Joshua

February 2010

Question: "How do you use maths in subjects such as Law and Psychology?" - Joshua
Answer: In both Law and Psychology, you need to think analytically (like a detective). Maths is essential training for thinking analytically. "You learn how to analyse a problem. You also need maths to get into uni."

"I'm a hairdresser and I use maths every day - to not only deal with customers' money but also in areas like mixing up colours. We use different ratios for different products. It sure helps to have maths on your side." - Tara

"I love to go shopping and I always try to find out how much change we are going to get, and I always find it out before the cash register. I also know almost all the answers in class. I would like to get a job at my favourite juice bar, so I will need to use maths a lot then, especially if I work at reception. I go shopping all the time, so I use maths almost every day!!! I wouldn't survive without maths!" - Paris

June 2009

"My mum works for an aged care centre and she provides a meal and games for the older people, for a small fee. After the day is over, she has to calculate how much money she has earned and organise other things."

Question: "I want to be a flute teacher when I am older, how will use maths for that?"
Answer: Most flute teachers are self-employed and have to organise a complicated time schedule for teaching at home and at various schools. Don't forget you would be running a business which involves understanding maths (as you can see from the people interviewed in 'maths is everywhere'). Also, you will need to teach your students how to read and understand a music score - and that is based on counting and fractions.

"Maths is my favourite subject at school and I know that it will help me get a job as a Vet when I am older. You use it to find how much money you have in your bank or how much you've spent on stuff. My dad is a registered nurse and he wouldn't have been what he is now if he didn't know anything about maths. Maths is the most important subject ever (at least that's what I think)."

"I need maths to pass my exams to be a police officer. That's why I need maths!"

"I use maths in football to count how many boys are on player. I use maths in my guitar to count the frets and the bars on the music sheet."

"You can use maths when you go shopping. You have to work how much it all adds up to."

April 2009

"My mum and dad own a Thai restaurant and they use maths every day. My dad has to measure all the ingredients he puts into the food to make it taste good. At the end of the night my mum has to check how much money we got that night and calculate how much we used throughout the week. My parents say that it's great to be good at maths because you can get into a very nice job when you grow up. I wonder how I will use maths when I grow up because I want to be a dentist.
You will need to do very well at maths to be accepted into a Dentistry course at uni."

"Maths is important, not just to get a job and all. You use it to work out if you can afford the new Nintendo DSi or whatever the latest game console is. You use it to see how much time you have to muck around and have fun with friends until you have to run and catch your bus. Personally I love Maths! "

"When I grow up I want to be a doctor and make people better. I need maths to help to be a good doctor and I listen to my brain."

"My mum works in a biscuit factory and has to figure out how many biscuits go in a packet, how many packets go on a pallet and how many pallets go to the shops."

March 2009

"My brother is a Freestyle Motocross rider and he uses maths every time he rides. Like the distance between the up-ramp and the down-ramp because if you underestimate the distance you will crash into the down-ramp or on flat ground. And the run up he gets it has to be 150 foot or more because he rides quads and there more heaver, there's maths again the weight of you bike."

"I am a secondary school Maths Coordinator so use Maths every day to teach my classes. I am also a Mum and I use maths when shopping to work out the "best" buys, to budget for the family, to compare costs such as insurance or when purchasing large items and especially when investigating mortgage rates and what banks offer. Maths also provides me with logical thinking skills which help me to have an active role in the Community groups in which I am a member. I also do a lot of craft which involves measurement. Life is just so full of maths - cooking cakes, landscaping our garden & ordering materials - everywhere is maths."

"I am an occupational therapist and I work with disabled or elderly clients to help them be more independent at home. I need to use maths to correctly work out gradients for wheelchair ramps and to design other home modifications. I use it when doing my invoicing so that I can charge correctly for my time. I even use it to do our household budgeting and when cooking and following recipes! Maths is everywhere, and knowing it will help you succeed in every area of life."

"My dad is a plumber, he uses maths every day. Sometimes I go to work with him and it is so interesting. I learn heaps off him."

"I am a year twelve student. I study lots of maths because one day I'd like to be a maths teacher. I use maths every day in lots of different ways. I even made a club called The I Love Maths club! In The I Love Maths Club my friends and I study maths together because it's easier to learn when you help each other."

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