Maths Myth Busters

"My Mum can't do maths so neither can I"

No, not true! Everyone can do maths.
But you won't learn if you don't believe in yourself.
Think positive - it really helps.

And get all the help you can get.

"Maths is really hard. I just can't do it"

Maths needs a lot of practise - just like anything else in life.
In sports, you can't play in the team if you don't practise your skills. With the right help, you can catch up and do really well.
Guess What

Would you like to work abroad?

As an exchange teacher you can teach maths and see the world!
Guess What

Do you have a chess club at school?

Chess is all about space, position and strategy.

"I don't need to learn until nearer the exam"

Myth3 Last minute learning goes into short-term memory. Short-term memory can fall apart under pressure. The things you never forget are the things you do often. They are in your long-term memory.

You never forget the names of your favourite sports stars, do you? That is because you have heard them over and over again and you think about them often.

It's the same with school stuff. You need to put it into your long-term memory, by constant familiarity.

"I want to be a tradie, I don't need maths"

Myth4 You don't need to turn into a vegetable in Maths class because you think you won't need it. On the contrary, employers are looking for apprentices who can do enough maths to measure up, estimate building requirements and so on.

Plus you will need to be cluey with money - for making quotes and running your own business successfully.

National Plumbing Employer's Survey 2004
The majority of employers felt that maths and pre-apprenticeship course were very important ... and English was moderately important.


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