Career - Software Developer


Software Developer Qualification:
Bachelor of Applied Science (Computing)

Job description:
Software developer in a company which develops automated programs for radiology and medical practices.

What do you do?
I am a team leader, supervising and guiding six programmers. The current systems built and sold by the company are due for an overhaul - they're written in an assortment of older languages, making them difficult to maintain, extend and support.

We are redeveloping the system in a software language called Java. I was hired by the company to add some rigour and process to their development practices. My official title is "Enterprise Java Lead" - rather grandiose.

Describe a typical day:
Thankfully, there really isn't a typical day in my work - I enjoy (and need) the variation. A day on the job could require anything from briefing the directors on the progress of a project to designing software systems, from developing estimates and project plans to fixing bugs in existing software.

Running software projects is a complex task, and having a motivated team is vital in order to deliver quality, on-time software. So being able to understand and satisfy the many and varied needs of your team members is vitally important.

Did you study maths in years 11 or 12? Why did you choose maths?
Yes, I chose maths primarily because I enjoyed it. Solving mathematical problems is not unlike solving a puzzle - it's fun and gives you a buzz when you work a problem through to its conclusion.

What maths do you use at work?
We use a lot of maths in the software itself, for accounting and statistics and positioning things on the screen, and many other calculations. Software development is very mathematical.

I am also using maths skills without even knowing that I am doing it. I believe that the rigours and disciplines learned from maths are extremely helpful to a software developer.

Being logical and using deductive reasoning, being thorough and careful. Good software developers have creative minds that enjoy solving difficult problems.

Why do you like your job?
I enjoy the problem solving I do day-to-day - that's what makes programming fun. Also the feeling that you are creating something from nothing - something that someone else will use and find helpful.

Mentoring and sharing knowledge gives me a lot of satisfaction. Working in a team towards a common goal is also very gratifying.

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